How to Relax on a Family Holiday

How to relax on a family holiday

Holidays with babies and children can be a whole different experience from travelling before kids. Gone are the long lazy days by the pool or the all-day city excursions! How can you really relax on a family holiday?!

Here are our top tips how to relax on a family holiday, which we hope will make your holiday or trip away as relaxing as possible for both parents and children.

  • When planning your holiday, think about what’s important to you now as a family. Think about the type of holiday you want – is it the same as pre-children. We have found all inclusive holidays can be a great choice with kids, or perhaps think about a self-catering property with a bit more space? Think about how far you want to travel and what facilities you want for your kids. Above all, think about life now, not pre-kids, when booking your trip.
  • Try and manage your own expectations of the holiday. Travelling with a family, particularly with a baby or toddler will not be the same as before you had children. By thinking about your own expectations of the trip, you’ll be more prepared for the challenges that may occur, and better able to relax on your family holiday.
  • Don’t let challenges or set-backs impact on the rest of your holiday. Try and see each day as a new day.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a break if you need to and tag-team with your other half or other adults traveling with you (just remember to return the favour!). If you are travelling solo or even as a larger family, look out for kids clubs or other opportunities for a bit of down time.
  • If things aren’t going to plan, change the plan! By being flexible with activities, plans and schedules, you’ll all be able to relax a bit more. Babies and children will easily fall back into their usual routines when you get home, so try not to worry too much about this.
  • Be clear on behaviour expectations from older children. The strategies you use at home will work on holiday too and by setting clear expectations, everyone will be more relaxed.
  • Stress levels can increase if you believe that other people are noticing the behaviour or actions of your children. This is really unlikely; people are focused on their own travels and enjoying their holiday rather than on your children! This particularly goes for the use of technology on holiday.
  • Prepare your children as much as you can – tell them what you’re going to do that day, how long they’ve got to play at the beach, and involve them as much in the planning as you can. When kids are clear on what is going to happen throughout the day, everyone can relax more on holiday.

We hope you have a super trip, and can really relax on your family holiday! You deserve it!

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