What’s the best age to fly with a baby and children?

best age to fly with a baby

Here at the Family Travel Pro, we’ve flown with children of all ages. We don’t think there are any ‘bad’ ages to fly but some stages are definitely easier than others. What’s the best age to fly with a baby and children though?

Here are our thoughts on the best ages to fly with babies, toddlers and kids. We know that all kids do not develop at exactly the same pace and these are designed to be broad recommendations from our own experiences, not set in stone.

0 to 3 Months

0 to 3 months is one of the harder times to fly with a baby. This isn’t as much about the little one, but about the parent’s physical and mental wellbeing.

The first few months with a newborn can be extremely challenging, with sleep, feeding and just getting into a new routine with your little one. Your body may still be recovering from the birth too, and the simple act of getting through the airport may be challenging.

You can usually fly with a baby from anywhere between 2 to 14 days old (see our separate post on this) and we’re certainly not advising you not to travel with them at this stage, but just be aware that it might not be as easy as pre-children!

4 to 14 months (or crawling)

This is one of the best ages to fly with a baby. They tend to still be sleeping a good amount and will be probably be interested in their surroundings. They are still lightweight enough to be comfortably on your lap and aren’t mobile enough yet to cause much trouble!

If you’re travelling with a baby at this age, definitely check out our post about what to pack when flying with a baby, and make the most of this time frame to travel!

15 months to 2.5 years old

We have found this to be the most challenging stage, but don’t let that put you off! Once your baby is mobile, they’ll be a bit harder to contain on the aircraft and probably won’t have a great attention span for entertainment.

All it needs though at this stage is a big pinch of patience and some good preparation. You’ll find some top tips about flying with a baby on our site, which are particularly useful at this stage.

2.5 to 4 years old

This is when it begins to get easier again! At this age, kids are getting really interested in the travel process, asking lots of questions and developing more patience.

Toys, games, snacks and tablets come in to their own at this stage and you might even get a moment to relax yourself now! Here are some more thoughts on keeping your child entertained on the flight.

5 years and older

You’re on the home straight now! Once children get to primary school age, travelling by plane will seem like a much easier experience.

Whatever age you plan to travel with your children at, we know you’ll have a super time! Make the most of these early years!

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