How to get a hotel room upgrade

how to get a hotel room upgrade

When you’re travelling with a family, your hotel room will be your home-from-home. The nicer the room, the better! Getting a hotel room upgrade can be a great way to start your trip.

The best way to ensure you have the room type you want is obviously to book it in advance and purchase the type of room you want. But if money is tight, or you’re more flexible about what room you get, here are our top tips on how to get a hotel room upgrade.

Reference special occasions

Making hotel staff aware that you are celebrating a special occasion can be a good way to get a free hotel room upgrade. Anniversaries, birthdays, special celebrations can all work in your favour.

If you can, try and make the hotel aware of your special occasion before you arrive. You could try to do this by emailing the hotel directly via their website or phone their reservations team. You could also engage with them through their social media channels. Try and find the actual hotel’s Twitter or Facebook page, rather than the brand or chain, for best results.

If you can’t contact them beforehand, mention the special occasion early in your check in process, well-before they allocate you a room.

Reward scheme status

Make sure the hotel is aware of any reward scheme status you have with their brand or chain, such as Marriott Bonvoy or Hilton Honors. As a loyal customer, you’ll be more likely to benefit from a free hotel room upgrade than someone who doesn’t regularly stay with the hotel.

If you’re not a member, there’s no harm in signing up before you travel. There’s great advice on these kinds of loyalty programs on sites such as The Points Guy UK and Head for Points.

If the hotel doesn’t have a reward scheme but you’ve stayed there before, make sure to mention that too when you check in.

Book direct with the hotel

We have always had better luck getting room upgrades when we have booked our room directly with the hotel rather than through a third-party site. Price should come first though!

Don’t book the most basic room type

Don’t book the most basic room type in the hotel, if you’re hoping for an big upgrade. Hotels are more likely to give the best upgrades to those whose rooms are closer in status to the upgraded room.

For example, if two customers have each booked a basic room and a junior suite, an available senior suite is much more likely to be allocated as an upgrade to the customer who has booked the junior suite.

Room features – don’t ask for too many

Don’t make too many requests when booking for your room type if you’re wanting to increase your chances of a room upgrade. If you’ve already said you want a room on a high level, away from the lifts and with a view, the chances of having an upgraded room with all of those features available at check in will be lower.

Be nice for your best chance of a hotel room upgrade!

A really simple tip – just be nice at check in! No one is entitled to an upgrade and your chances are that much better if you’re friendly and kind to the staff.

Final thoughts….

A hotel room upgrade can be a lovely surprise for your trip, but if you really want a certain room type, book it! An upgrade should always just be seen as an added bonus. Good luck!

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