Entertaining kids on a plane

entertaining kids on a plane

Bags are packed and you’re ready for take-off! Just a short (or not-so-short!) flight to your holiday destination! But how do you keep kids occupied for the hours spent on the plane. Here are the Family Travel Pro’s top tips for entertaining kids on a plane:

  1. Be prepared! Like every scout knows, being prepared is the key to success. Make sure you’ve got all of the things your children might need on their flight easily available in your hand luggage, ideally in a bag that will sit under the seat in front of them.
  2. Packing a bag of surprise new toys can be a great way to keep spirits high during your flight. These needn’t be expensive toys, just pocket money type items that will capture their attention. There are some great online shops for these kind of things now, especially Pound Toy and Toys for a Pound, but your local bargain shops could be a good source too. Things like colouring packs, small cars, mystery eggs and lacing cards can help keep kids entertained on the plane.
  3. Sticker books are a favourite of the Family Travel Pro. These can keep kids occupied for hours! Our top tip is to remove the sticky paper that surrounds the actual stickers so that kids can be more independent with peeling off the stickers themselves. Sounds a bit daft, but it works, and you get extra points if you can get the surrounding paper off in one bit!
  4. Technology, such as tablets and DVD players, can be a great way to make the hours tick by on a flight. Check out the Family Travel Pro’s technology guide for more thoughts on this.
  5. Remember those long car journeys as a child? Well lots of the games you played in the car work just as well on an aeroplane. Here are our favourite traditional car games which you can adapt for the plane.
  6. Snacks are a great way to keep kids occupied and well-fed on the flight. At the Family Travel Pro we pack a zip lock bag per child for each flight, stocked with snacks for the journey. This helps avoid costly purchases on board the plane and ensures they have their favourite snacks to hand. Be careful with chocolate or other ‘melty’ snacks particularly if travelling to, or through, a hot country and make sure to discard any products such as meat/dairy on your arrival if there are local restrictions.
  7. Consider purchasing an inflight meal – if you don’t have an inflight meal for your child included in your flight cost, consider purchasing one. Obviously, this will feed your child, but it can also help pass the time quite nicely as it can seem like quite a novelty to kids and can provide about half an hour of entertainment.
  8. Unwrapping toys and unboxing toys seem to be all the rage on the internet and YouTube at the moment. Why not create your own unwrapping game by wrapping up small toys for the journey, just like a pass the parcel? A cheap and easy idea for entertaining kids on a plane… just remember to bring a carrier bag for the rubbish.
  9. Card games can work well on the plane – our favourites are Uno and Whot! Cards, which you can get in all kinds of character versions from Frozen to Finding Dory, to Star Wars. These games will be enjoyed by the whole family, from about age 3 or 4 upwards.
  10. Why not start a scrap book of your holiday on the plane? Your child can write or draw about what’s happened so far that day of their holiday and you can continue working on this throughout your trip. The kids will be entertained and you’ll have a lovely memory from your trip.

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