The Perfectly Imperfect Holiday

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Your family holiday will not be perfect. Big words from the Family Travel Pro, hey? After all, aren’t we here to help make it perfect? Well, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do…. the sooner you come to terms with your holiday not being Instagram-perfect, the more relaxed you’ll be and the ‘more perfect’ your holiday will be.

We all look forward to our time away with our families, away from the stresses of home, the school notes, the nursery drop offs, the bottomless washing pile. We just can’t wait to be there!

Sometimes the reality of your holiday experience can come as a bit of a surprise. Those challenges from home might not be exactly the same, but there will still be struggles.

At the Family Travel Pro, we know we’re aren’t the only ones who have sat in hotel bathrooms with warm wine in plastic cups playing on our phones to avoid waking toddlers who have gone to bed at 7pm! We’ve had children go on hunger strike for the first three days of holidays, eating only breadsticks and apple sauce. We’ve sung ‘wind the bobbin up’ on repeat for the 30 minutes the plane took to descend on landing. We’ve all been there!

Here are the Family Travel Pro’s best suggestions on how to make your imperfect holiday as perfect as possible:

  • Trying to manage your expectations of how your holiday or trip will pan out will allow the great holiday moments to seem even more special. Working together as a couple or family to overcome some of the challenges and adapt to your new surroundings can even make you feel closer together (hopefully!).
  • Don’t let one less-than-perfect day affect the rest of your holiday. Try and start every day afresh.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a break if you need to and tag-team with your other half or other adults traveling with you (just remember to return the favour!).
  • If things aren’t going to plan, change the plan! Don’t try and squeeze your children in to a routine or plan that isn’t working for them – it’s simply not worth the hassle on a holiday!
  • Be clear on behaviour expectations from older children and remember the strategies you use at home should work just as well on holidays.
  • Try to remember that no one is watching you or your family. You might be noticing challenging behaviour or that your kid has been on their iPad for the whole of breakfast, but no one else is watching or judging, and if they are….? Well, they can keep their thoughts to themselves! 
  • Prepare your children as much as you can – tell them what you’re going to do that day, how long they’ve got to play at the beach, and involve them as much in the planning as you can.

We hope you need none of this advice but in case you do, please remember we’ve all been there, no one is watching your family and warm white wine in the bathroom is a parenting rite of passage!

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