Traditional Car Games for Kids

car games for kids

Long car journey ahead of you? These traditional car games for kids will take you back to your childhood and will work just as well as they ever did…

I Spy

An oldie, but a goodie! Traditionally, “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with (a letter),” this game can be easily adapted for younger children by changing the letter to a colour (“something the colour red…”) or size (“something big/tiny”), or that makes a sound (“something that goes moo”). If the game is going on a bit too long, remember that the kids don’t know what you ‘spied’. Not that we’re encouraging cheating at all….!

Road Trip Bingo

A bit of preparation before your trip can make road trip bingo a great option. Write, or draw, things you might see on a piece of paper or white board before you head off and get the kids to tick off the things as they see them in the car. The first to get all of their items shouts bingo and is the winner.

Memory Game

Fun for kids and adults, a traditional memory game can work well in the car. One player starts by saying “I went on a trip/picnic/holiday and I took…” and says what they took. The next player then has to add to the story, by remembering the previous player’s item and then adding their own. The third player has to remember the first two players items and then add theirs. The game keeps going until people can no longer remember all the items. This game can be particularly fun if the players add silly items. Of course I took a crocodile on a picnic!

Grow a Story

Let’s make up our own story. The first player starts a story, saying the first sentence. The next player then has to make up the second sentence, and the game goes on around the group making up a unique road trip story, the more imaginative the better!

We hope that these traditional games will be enjoyable on your next car journey. Click here for more top tips for long car journeys.

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