Why choose an ‘All Inclusive’ holiday?

All inclusive holiday

Pre-children, an All Inclusive holiday might not have come on to your radar, but with kids, these can be a great choice! Here are the top 10 reasons why you might want to consider going ‘All Inc’!

What does ‘All Inclusive’ mean?

First though, what exactly does ‘all inclusive’ mean?

Just like booking a hotel ‘bed and breakfast’ or ‘half board’, All Inclusive refers to what you get included with your hotel room. This varies from hotel to hotel, but usually includes all meals, snacks throughout the day (including ice creams), non-alcoholic drinks and local wines, beers and spirits. Kids clubs and sports activities are usually included too. Food is usually served buffet-style, but in some higher-end hotels, dining options may also include a la carte restaurants.

If booking an all inclusive hotel as part of a package, you’d also expect to see airport transfers included too.

Why choose an All Inclusive resort?

So, why such a good idea with children?

  1. You know upfront what you’re spending making all inclusive holidays easier to budget for as there will be fewer surprises when it comes to cost
  2. With drinks and snacks generally included all day long, parents can be free to say ‘yes’ to the requests for ice creams, snacks and drinks without having to consider cost, or carry cash. One of the joys of holidays can be having the freedom to say yes more often to our kids!
  3. Whilst buffet food can have its down-sides, your kids can be free to choose exactly what they want to eat, rather than choosing from an often more limited kids menu in a restaurant. Kids want to eat cucumber slices, ham and pasta for tea? Rock on! Pizza, soup and cherry tomatoes take your fancy? Go for it!
  4. Buffet food also has the great benefit of not having to wait for it to be cooked. This minimises the dreaded 20 minute gap between ordering and food arriving, where even the most well-behaved of kids can get impatient.
  5. You might think that eating at an all inclusive resort would limit families trying new foods. However, being able to try a small amount of a new food from a buffet without it being a whole meal can be a great way to introduce children to new flavours and tastes, with no risk to dinner time!
  6. Holidays are for everyone, and whilst we all want to spend time together, having kids clubs as an option can be a great way to ensure that everyone gets a chance to have the holiday they want. Kids have a great way to make new friends, and parents can get a welcome rest from time-to-time.
  7. With younger children, there’s always the risk that meal times won’t go quite to plan. With an all-inclusive holiday, if you have to abandon a meal for any reason, you can just go back down later and try again! Dinner, take two!
  8. If you’re heading out for the day, a lot of all inclusive resorts will make up a packed lunch for you – just ask at reception if this is possible.
  9. All inclusive needn’t be a restriction on your holiday. You can still eat out in other places and popping out for lunch or dinner during your stay can help mix it up. Just remember to budget a bit extra for these non-resort meals.
  10. For most all-inclusive resorts you’ll still need to pack or buy foods for young babies. However, some super resorts, including Family Travel Pro favourite, Dream Gran Castillo Tagoro in Lanzarote even have a baby puree menu in the hotel!

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