Returning home from your holiday

returning home from holiday

As your trip comes to an end, thoughts turn to returning home. Whether you’re looking forward to returning to your own surroundings, or wishing your trip would never end, here are the Family Travel Pro’s top tips to make your returning home from your holiday that little bit smoother.

Packing for your return

If you’ve got more than one case, think about packing all your washing in the one case, leaving clean or unworn clothes, shoes, toiletries etc separate. This way you can wheel your case straight to the washing machine on your return and get a load straight on.

If you don’t have a lot of space or washing, consider popping clothes in a separate compartment of your case or a plastic bag. We find the plastic hotel laundry bags can be great for this purpose!

If you can’t bear the thought of tackling the washing when you return, lots of hotels now have their own self-service laundrettes or look for a local laundry service, which are increasingly available in the major European holiday resorts. Unless you’ve got a lot of cash to spare, or an urgent need for a specific item, don’t be considering the hotel laundry services!

Warming Up

Nothing beats coming home to a nice warm house after a trip away, but if you’ve been sensible enough to conserve energy in your house whilst you’ve been away, the heating may well be off. With smart home systems such as Hive and Nest, you may be able to control these remotely and schedule your heating to come back on, but if not either set a manual timer or ask friends or family to pop round before you get home and pop the heat back on for you. Your family will appreciate their nice warm house!

Restocking the fridge

If you want to avoid a pit stop at the supermarket on the way home when you’re returning home from holiday, why not consider a supermarket home delivery for the evening of your return or the next morning? Most major supermarkets now offer online shopping, and you can even place your order whilst you’re abroad for delivery when you return (or even before you go on your trip if you’re super organised!). Be careful to allow enough time between your scheduled return time and the delivery, just in case of any delays during your return journey.

Beating the back from holiday blues

Post-holiday blues are a very real thing at the Family Travel Pro, and I’m afraid we only know one cure…. Get planning your next adventure!

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